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RMT statement on General Election
We are not affiliated to any political party and will back Labour and socialist candidates, it is clear the outcome of the general election will be a Tory-led Government or Labour-led government and that in order to defeat the Tories,...
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RMT's Mick Cash welcomes Labour's rail campaign day
“The Labour commitment to British state ownership of our railways will end the debacle of three quarters of our railways being foreign-owned and UK passengers being ripped off with the profits shipped abroad to support other country’s railways. “Fair fares,...
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RMT response to Conservative manifesto
“The Conservative manifesto contains a string of empty and vague promises to improve rail services. Anyone who relies on the UK train network knows that the Tory promise of a rail ombudsman to sort all this mess out, is the...
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RMT reaction to Labour election manifesto
“Labour’s commitment to British state ownership of our rail,  power and water, ‎as opposed to the foreign state-backed exploitation of our essential services supported by the Tories, shows that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour is clearly fighting to protect our national interests....
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RMT backs maximum vote for Labour
The outcome of the 2017 General Election will clearly be either a Labour Government led by Jeremy Corbyn whose key policies include support for trade union and employment rights, repeal of anti - union legislation, public ownership of the railways and opposition...
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Polling for RMT throws down challenge to Labour
On behalf of the RMT, between 17th-19th June Survation polled 1011 constituents by telephone in 4 key marginal Conservative/Labour “battleground” seats essential for Labour to win in the pursuit of an overall 2015 majority. Seats selected were Crawley (CON), Stevenage (CON), Reading West...
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