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RMT slams Grayling over Northern transport shambles
‎General Secretary Mick Cash said; "The Tory Northern transport shambles continues today with Chris Grayling now wading in to local civic leaders just 24 hours after his former colleague George Osborne targeted his fire on his own side. This is a...
Region: North West
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RMT slams Osborne hypocrisy over rail "Northern Powerhouse"
General Secretary Mick Cash said; "The hypocrisy of former Tory Chancellor George Osborne as he tours the newsrooms fuelling the civil war inside the Tory Party is extraordinary. "This is a man who was the key player in Government's which...
Region: North East
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RMT slams Osborne's rail fares fraud
"This mornings announcement from George Osborne that rail fares will be jacked up by 2.5% does not stack up to a freeze for millions of people whose incomes are stagnant due to years of austerity. To try and dress this up...
Region: National
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