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RMT reacts to scrapping of HS2 Northern leg
 "High Speed rail together with a modern expanding public transport network is key to the future of linking every part of our country together, from north to south and East to West.   "Public transport investment is not an either-or...
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Government confirms the great Northern rail betrayal
RAIL UNION RMT today described the Government’s long-delayed ‘Integrated Rail Plan for the North and Midlands’ as a “historic betrayal of the people of the North”. The 162-page document confirms that the Eastern leg of the HS2 Project will be...
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Great Northern Rail Betrayal
RAIL UNION RMT today described the Government’s anticipated U-turn on their promises to build the vital Eastern leg of the HS2 project and the cancelling of Northern Powerhouse Rail as an “great northern rail betrayal ” and one that tears...
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RMT on expected HS2 announcement
"This Government has dithered over this decision for far too long which has meant uncertainty and delays to this vital rail project. "Now that they are on the point of giving the go-ahead the Government and HS2 must take steps...
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RMT on Government's HS2 announcement
RMT has called for the setting up of a jobs and skills taskforce with the union's at its core which will map the scale of the deficit and set out a plan of action to deliver HS2 and other projects....
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RMT calls for nationalisation of British steel
General Secretary Mick Cash said; “RMT is deeply concerned that the collapse of British Steel without the government lifting a finger to support the company will jeopardise UK rail projects both now and into the future. “British Steel’s product is...
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RMT slams Grayling pay hypocrisy
RAIL UNION RMT today slammed the rank hypocrisy of Transport Secretary Chris Grayling on rail workers pay – shining a spotlight on the fact that the former boss of collapsed outsourcing company Carillion has landed a plum job on a...
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RMT on Government announcement on HS2 fleet procurement
“RMT hears what the minister has said this morning about creating skilled, engineering jobs as a result of this major new fleet contract and the union intends to hold the Government to that pledge and we will be seeking cast-iron...
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Rail union RMT on announcement of HS2 contract work
"It is essential that there is no casualisation or cutting of corners on these contracts and that means that the unions have to be engaged right from the start with full recognition rights at every level. "RMT notes the names...
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No public sector option for West Coast Partnership franchise
Rail union RMT hit back at the Government as it was confirmed this morning that the cheaper, more efficient public sector option has been excluded from the new West Coast/HS2 and South Eastern franchises. Instead, the union says that the...
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Virgin and Stagecoach hook up with French state over HS2
General Secretary Mick Cash said ;   "This is yet another land grab on Britain's railways by the French state with SNCF and Richard Branson both realising that this new franchise will be a one way ticket to the bank for...
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RMT slams Government plan to merge HS2 and West Coast
RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said; "This is a scandalous decision which will hand High Speed 2 over to the very private train operators who have failed so abysmally on the rest of our railway. "Tens of billions of tax payers...
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