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RMT welcomes Jeremy Corbyn’s backing for Guards campaign
RMT has welcomed the backing of Jeremy Corbyn in the campaign to keep the guard on our trains.   The Labour leader today retweeted the RMT film “Unguarded”, which makes the case for a safe secure and accessible railway based...
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RMT agrees to consultation about Labour Party affiliation
General Secretary Mick Cash said; "In light of the changes to the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn's leadership RMT's AGM has decided that the time is right to undertake a  consultation with our members on the issue of Labour Party...
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Jeremy Corbyn at RMT AGM 2017
Jeremy Corbyn at RMT AGM 2017
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Jeremy Corbyn at RMT AGM
Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has told the AGM of transport union RMT in Exeter this afternoon that the next Labour Government will repeal the Tories' rail privatisation legislation to pave the way for public ownership. Jeremy Corbyn said; "The next...
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RMT reaction to Labour election manifesto
“Labour’s commitment to British state ownership of our rail,  power and water, ‎as opposed to the foreign state-backed exploitation of our essential services supported by the Tories, shows that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour is clearly fighting to protect our national interests....
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RMT backs maximum vote for Labour
The outcome of the 2017 General Election will clearly be either a Labour Government led by Jeremy Corbyn whose key policies include support for trade union and employment rights, repeal of anti - union legislation, public ownership of the railways and opposition...
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Act urgently to help KEEP Jeremy Corbyn as Leader of Labour
Dear RMT member, I am really grateful for the support of the RMT in my campaign to be re-elected as Leader of the Labour Party. Let's unite and make sure we keep building a Labour Party that fights for the...
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RMT ‎statement in support of Jeremy Corbyn
Responding to the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn, RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said; "By peddling the ludicrous notion that Jeremy is some how responsible for the EU referendum result, Jeremy's critics are in fact insulting the intelligence of voters and...
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RMT's Mick Cash responds to Jeremy Corbyn's TUC speech
"Jeremy Corbyn's campaign mobilised a huge army of supporters who have been engaged by his message of hope but that is just the start. ‎ The momentum that Jeremy's election has given us must now we built on as we...
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RMT dismisses speculation on Labour reaffiliation
"The speculation over RMT reaffiliation is however miles wide of the mark. That issue is not under discussion and the earliest that the matter could be raised is at our next AGM in June 2016. "Our focus is on the fight...
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" The election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader is hugely significant for RMT members and the wider trade union movement and means that the issues that are impacting on workplaces and communities the length and breadth of the country will...
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