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RMT responds to cross-party call for £100 billion investment
TRANSPORT UNION RMT has called for action now and not jam tomorrow after senior Tories and other politicians, including former deputy prime minister Lord Heseltine, today urged Philip Hammond to commit £100 billion to “transform” northern transport services. RMT General...
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Chris Grayling: Specialist in failure
As Chris Grayling is called before Transport Committee to explain rail electrification fiasco today RMT sets out full charge sheet against "specialist in failure" Transport Secretary  As Transport Secretary Chris Grayling is hauled before the Transport Select Committee today, Monday...
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RMT slams Grayling over Northern transport shambles
‎General Secretary Mick Cash said; "The Tory Northern transport shambles continues today with Chris Grayling now wading in to local civic leaders just 24 hours after his former colleague George Osborne targeted his fire on his own side. This is a...
Region: North West
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RMT slams Osborne hypocrisy over rail "Northern Powerhouse"
General Secretary Mick Cash said; "The hypocrisy of former Tory Chancellor George Osborne as he tours the newsrooms fuelling the civil war inside the Tory Party is extraordinary. "This is a man who was the key player in Government's which...
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RMT says people don't belive in Northern Powerhouse
General Secretary Mick Cash said; "This BBC survey of Northerners comes as no surprise to RMT. People aren't daft. They don't believe in George Osborne's Northern Powerhouse fantasy for the same reason they don't believe in fairy stories - it is...
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RMT slams "Northern Powerhouse" fraud
"This Government are taking the travelling public for a bunch of fools with their fraudulent claims of a "Northern Powerhouse" while key rail electrification plans are booted deep into ‎the long grass, safety-critical staff are threatened with the sack and...
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