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DfT admits to rigging rail franchise market for privateers
The Department for Transport’s  Managing Director of Passenger Services has admitted to rigging the so called rail franchise market in order to boost company’s profits at the expense of passengers. In a news story today in The Times newspaper devastating...
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RMT slams “punch up” DfT official
RAIL UNION RMT today reacted with fury after the union was told by industry sources that top government official Peter Wilkinson, the man who bragged at a Tory party meeting that he wanted a “punch up” with rail unions and...
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RMT dismisses half-hearted, belated apology
RAIL UNION RMT has dismissed as "too little, too late" an apology that was dragged out of senior DfT official Peter Wilkinson at the Transport Select Committee yesterday following remarks he made at a Tory beano back in February where...
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