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RMT slams franchise chaos on Britain's railways
General Secretary Mick Cash said‎; "The cancellation of the competition for the Southeastern franchise shows yet again that the whole privatised rail system is broken and coming apart at the seams. The chaos of short-term extensions to get the Government...
Region: South East and Anglia
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RMT on Which? survey on passenger compensation
"No one who uses our privatised railways will be surprised that the greedy train companies are still abusing the compensation system to rip-off the travelling public. "Even worse, the private operators are claiming a fortune from the taxpayer in compo...
Region: National
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RMT on new research today from the TUC
RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said; "Britain's commuters, robbed blind by greedy private train companies, are being forced to travel greater distances as they are priced out of our towns and cities. They are a captive market being exploited for...
Region: National
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Internal review won't end Britain's great rail fare rip-off
RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said; "No one trusts Britain's rip-off private rail companies to do the right thing by passengers when it come to fares and ticketing. "These are the same bunch of spivs who have hacked back on...
Region: National
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RMT on today's Transport Focus survey
Mick Cash, RMT General Secretary said: “Today’s Transport Focus survey shows that passengers are continuing to get a raw deal on Britain’s rip-off, privatised railways and once again the case for an end to profiteering, and a return to public...
Region: National
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