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Public Accounts Committee report slams government rail policy
Britain’s specialist transport union RMT said today that the need for a government rethink on rail is now urgent after a powerful Parliamentary committee warned that the government has neither the necessary urgency nor appreciates the scale of the challenge...
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RMT calls for Grayling to resign
RMT General Secretary, Mick Cash said: “When the cross party Public Accounts Committee says the franchising model is broken, and that this government is to blame for both the Southern and East Coast fiascos that have cost the economy and...
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Report on rail franchising is "hopelessly inadequate"
General Secretary Mick Cash said; “This report from the Public Accounts Committee on rail franchising is hopelessly inadequate. It attempts to create the impression that the Great Rail Rip-off can be halted by a bit of tinkering with the franchising...
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Public accounts committee report on Eurostar sell-off
General Secretary Mick Cash said:   “However you dress it up the fire sale of the UK’s Eurostar stake before the election has cost the taxpayer billions in wasted investment and lost future profits. The total British public investment in...
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RMT responds to Public Accounts Committee report
General Secretary Mick Cash said   “The lack of strategic planning on rail infrastructure projects identified in this report from the Public Accounts Committee comes as no surprise to RMT and is yet more damning evidence of the consequences of...
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RMT Attacks "Rail Rolling-Stock Racket"
“The companies using these trains get to privatise the profits while the public get to shoulder over £10 billion of risks, it is an absolute disgrace. Even worse, the Inter-City trains are being designed to axe the guards and strip...
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