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RMT renews demands for all rail services to be renationalised
RAIL UNION RMT today renewed its demands for all rail services to be taken into public ownership after the public owned Operator of Last Resort (OLR) was given a 5 year extension to its running of Northern. On the same day...
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RMT demands that Government crack on with rail nationalisation
RAIL UNION ‎RMT today demanded that the Government take immediate action to return Britain's failing rail franchises to public ownership as it emerged that preparations have been ramped up in the past week to pave the way for the Operator...
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Minister confirms that the public pay for railway profiteering
RAIL UNION RMT has renewed the call to end the great rail rip-off after it revealed that the government has confirmed that the taxpayer will continue to ‘pick up the tab’ for profiteering on the ownership of trains on Britain’s...
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RMT says future government support for rail services must not be tied to cuts
According to reports, the Government is planning an additional 18 months of financial support for the private rail operators, until March 2022, and this funding could be linked to cost-saving cuts. This follows a recent statement from Boris Johnson that emergency funding...
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Jeremy Corbyn at RMT AGM
Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has told the AGM of transport union RMT in Exeter this afternoon that the next Labour Government will repeal the Tories' rail privatisation legislation to pave the way for public ownership. Jeremy Corbyn said; "The next...
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