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RMT slams government plans for longer lorries
Under government plans the lorries will be a maximum of 2.05 metres longer than the current standard sized trailer meaning lorries over 18.5 metres in length.  The longer lorries have been trialled since 2011 and there are about 3,000 already on the roads, but...
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RMT slams Department for Transport
TRANSPORT UNION RMT today described the Department for Transport’s plans to further extend HGV drivers’ hours as “reckless” and “dangerous” as the Government attempts to respond to the impacts of the Omicron wave on the road haulage sector. This extension...
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Road freight union RMT warns over driverless lorries tests
"Jobs, pay and working conditions in Britain's road freight industry are already under attack and RMT sees the announcement today as yet another threat to our members‎ and their livelihoods. "The potential dangers of trying to introduce this technology on...
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RMT calls for an end to social dumping in road transport
Road transport union RMT called for an end to social dumping in the sector following news reports that lorry drivers from Eastern Europe are moving goods around Western Europe, earning poverty wages that undercut minimum wage levels, while living out...
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Threat to xmas deliveries from shortage of lorry drivers
Mick Cash said "We are paying the price for years of attacks on jobs and working conditions which have casualised and undermined the status of workers in the road freight industry to the point that we now face the prospect...
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