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RMT welcomes public transport and climate report
Responding to the TUC   Public Transport for the Climate Emergency   report, RMT general secretary Mick Lynch said: "This is a welcome report that shows investing in public transport is not only vital for fighting climate change but that...
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RMT pledges co-ordinated campaign to defend pay
TRANSPORT UNION RMT said today that it will mount a co-ordinated campaign to defend wages and to protect the low paid as it was reported that the Government is planning to renege on commitments on the living wage. General Secretary...
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RMT on axing of unionlearn programme
Transport union RMT said today that it will be working with the TUC and sister unions to reverse a Government decision to axe the highly respected and vital skills training offered to workers through the unionlearn programme The shocking decision...
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RMT to lead fight against transport austerity in the wake of COVID pandemic
In a motion to the TUC today  which will be moved by senior assistant General ,Secretary Steve Hedley RMT sets out the programme for that campaigning fightback: "Congress pays tribute to the key workers of the Coronavirus pandemic who, in...
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RMT endorses TUC Bus report
Bus union RMT has endorsed a report published today by the TUC which exposes the fact that funding for local bus services has been cut by over half in some English regions since 2010. RMT says that the report will provide...
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RMT reveals top ten least trusted train companies
On the day that rail union RMT will be moving a motion at the TUC in Brighton exposing the catastrophic impact on rail worker safety of decades of fragmentation, casualisation and private exploitation the union has revealed new data throwing...
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Mick Cash to warn of co-ordinated action over pension threat
At a meeting this lunchtime at the Scottish TUC in Dundee RMT General Secretary Mick Cash will warn in stark terms of national, coordinated industrial action if there is any threat to staff pensions as a result of the collapse...
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RMT on new research today from the TUC
RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said; "Britain's commuters, robbed blind by greedy private train companies, are being forced to travel greater distances as they are priced out of our towns and cities. They are a captive market being exploited for...
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TUC backs RMT national fight over Grayling's rail pay cap
An emergency motion lining the TUC up behind the pay battle was passed at the Congress in Manchester today. General Secretary Mick Cash said; "We warmly welcome the show of support and solidarity from across the trade union movement in...
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RMT welcomes TUC support
In a debate on transport policy in Manchester today the TUC has voted to throw it's weight behind rail union RMT's campaign to force the resignation Transport Secretary Chr‎is Grayling as he presides over a Department in a permanent state...
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Mick Cash moving composite 17 at TUC
Mick Cash moving composite 17 supporting motion 11 And Calling for the complete nationalisation of our railways "Congress the private railway is not just rail franchises It’s the army of outsourced workers exploited to feed the rail gravy train Like the maintenance...
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Mick Cash speech to TUC Congress
"Congress we are asking you to vote this down because the statement says that we can remain in the single market Congress the single market is the EU. It is the driving force behind the race to the bottom. Of...
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RMT to warn TUC over second Brexit vote
In a debate on Brexit this afternoon at the TUC in Manchester RMT General Secretary Mick Cash will warn that a second vote on Brexit will let the Tories off the hook and ease the pressure on them for the...
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RMT's Mick Cash pledges national rail fight over pay cap
Speaking at a fringe meeting at the TUC in Manchester this lunchtime RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said:  "Chris Grayling has made it crystal clear that he intends to try and impose a nationwide pay cap on RMT members linked...
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RMT tables motion at TUC calling for Grayling to go
WITH NORTHERN RAIL back in the headlines again this morning rail union RMT has confirmed that it has tabled a motion at this year’s Trade Union Congress in Manchester in September calling for Transport Secretary Chris Grayling to go. The...
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RMT calls for maximum support for TUC anti cuts demo
RMT members will be turning out in force tomorrow, Saturday 12 May, for the TUC national demonstration calling for an end to cuts and a new deal for working people. The march assembles at 11am at Victoria Embankment and will arrive...
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RMT welcomes TUC backing in Merseyrail guards' dispute
RMT today welcomed a unanimous vote at the TUC this morning for the campaign against driver only operation on Merseyrail and other franchises ‎where the union is engaged in disputes over safety. The TUC has passed a motion promising to...
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RMT responds to TUC General Secs speech comments on the EU
RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said; "Let's be clear, membership of the single market means de facto membership of the EU and it's control mechanisms. The trade union movement needs to be extremely careful if it is not to be...
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"RMT campaigned for a leave vote and there should be no suggestion that there is some back door route by which Britain can remain in the EU despite a democratic de‎cision in a national vote. It should not be forgotten...
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RMT challenges Southern over guards dispute talks
The union has agreed to meet with Southern at Acas on Tuesday 14th of February although the company had originally proposed earlier dates and then stalled for time.   In a letter today to Charles Horton, managing director of Southern,...
Region: South East and Anglia
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RMT reaction to TUC/Southern Rail betrayal
General Secretary Mick Cash said;   "This so-called agreement is a shocking and historical betrayal presided over by the TUC of not only the conductor grade and drivers , but also passengers, including disabled passengers, who have lost the guarantee of...
Region: South East and Anglia
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“RMT was not party to the talks brokered by the TUC with GTR. As a result of that we have no details whatsoever on any deal that has been agreed by the parties who were granted a seat at the...
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RMT at the TUC
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Vote to Leave the EU to save Scottish Ferries
Transport union RMT will today call for a Leave vote in the forthcoming EU referendum to save Caledonian MacBrayne Ferry services from privatisation. CalMac Campaign Card Transport union RMT will today call for a Leave vote in the forthcoming EU...
Region: Scotland
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RMT to support week of action against Trade Union Bill
Transport union RMT is supporting a week of action from 8th to 14th February organised by the TUC and all affiliated unions against the Trade Union Bill which threatens a whole raft of workplace rights including the basic right to...
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Unions slam latest fare hike rip-off
Today’s (Saturday) rail fare increases are a consequence of rail privatisation, says Action for Rail – a campaign by rail unions and the TUC.   The one per cent increase today to season tickets and other regulated fares will mean...
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RMT's Mick Cash responds to Jeremy Corbyn's TUC speech
"Jeremy Corbyn's campaign mobilised a huge army of supporters who have been engaged by his message of hope but that is just the start. ‎ The momentum that Jeremy's election has given us must now we built on as we...
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RMT motion on anti-union laws carried overwhelmingly
A key motion from transport union RMT setting out a strategy for fighting the Tory Trade Union Bill has been overwhelmingly carried at the TUC this morning. Moved by RMT president Peter Pinkney the motion calls for mass mobilisations and...
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New public ownership calls as rail fares set to rise
Next year’s wage-busting fare hikes will mean that rail fares will have increased by 24.9 per cent over the current parliament (2010 to 2015), and have risen faster than wages in every year. Over the same period, average earnings have increased by just...
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Listen to London - the future of London Underground
Conference, Saturday 26 July, 10am - 2pm TUC, Congress House, London    Dear Colleague Your solid strike action has won important gains including protection of pay, a station by station review and a supervisor on every station. Plus a clear message has...
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